Shawna Lenee Only Dates Atheists!


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Why Do I Love Reasonist Products?
Reasonist Products is an awesome company that I fully support. With more people turning their backs to religion these days due to hate originating from religious groups, I think it’s important to have businesses like Reasonist Products. I started declaring myself as an atheist a little over a year ago. I am a science nerd. I don’t believe there is a god who created humans or our world. I heavily believe in evolution as well.

Why am I so dedicated to the voice of atheism? I speak for the young population who is denied a true education based on facts. I speak for the children who are told the world will blow up, they will die, and if they are bad they will burn in hell for eternity. My personal opinion.. that’s completely wrong. Trying to scare people as a way to inhibit their expression is never okay. I also feel like we should prove that hell exists before discriminating against others based on that idea. Hope I haven’t been too depressing this far. If so, don’t worry because I have some photos of me in my Reasonist Products tees to share with you. (Yes, it is true. I only date atheists)

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